Lights of Unity

posted Sep 7, 2017, 5:48 PM by Irina Rahimi   [ updated Sep 7, 2017, 6:30 PM ]
One of the wonderful properties of light is how it reflects off surfaces, illuminating different facets of an object. We can view spiritual principles in a similar way: they shine upon everyone equally, reflecting the highest ideals of humanity. In 2017 we’re starting a series called “Lights of Unity” to reflect upon spiritual principles.

Why are we exploring these themes? Because this year is the 200th anniversary of the birth of Baha’u’llah, the founder of the Baha’i Faith. To commemorate this special occasion we’d like to look at principles which are central to the Baha’i Faith. Please join us in exploring these topics through sincerity, humor, and everything in between.

Each month we will focus on one principle and through artistic expression try to reflect on it. The first week’s challenge will be to find a favorite quote (from your favorite author, poet, philosopher, etc.) that reflects the principle; the second week’s challenge will be to find a picture, photo or drawing; the third week, a story or poem; the fourth week, a video or musical selection.The simple rules are: No politics; be respectful; do not offend, don't get offended; love and have fun; participate as much or as little as you’d like; cat videos are allowed as long as they reflect the principle.

We are meeting on the last Friday of the month.

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